More human

More human

ALYC AI is able to mimic human interactions but thanks to our exceptional empathy programming, our holograms can converse even better than most humans can.

than human.

ALYC holograms truly know you. From catching a change of tone in your voice, to a glint in your eye, ALYC knows you best.

Imagine that.

We did. When we first envisioned ALYC, we wanted to create a constant companion that learns from you, checks in on you, listens to you, and maybe even learns to care for you.

We're in good company:

ALYC extends existing technologies and builds on and integrates with the newest AI futuretech.

Patience is a virtue

ALYC isn’t on the market yet, but will be available soon.

In our alpha stage of development, we're already pushing the boundaries of how AI can extend, improve, and augment your life.

ALYC, tell me more.

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